Friday, June 17, 2005

isn't it ironic...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Halliburton Co. unit will build a new $30 million detention facility and security fence at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the United States is holding about 520 foreign terrorism suspects, the Defense Department announced on Thursday.

It actually brings a smile to my face...the coming caniption fits will be hilarious.

For the life of me I can't quite understand the problem. We catch bad guys on the battlefield, we hold on to them. I believe the senior Senator from Arizona is familiar with this...having spent 5 years in considerably worse circumstances, and I don't think the NVA followed the Geneva Conventions. Nick Berg was captured and fed fruits and dates and given time to pray everyday, too, right? (oh yeah.....well we can't expect the jihadist to not cut off an infidels head now can we?)
What would those who want Gitmo closed down propose we do with enemy combatants? Smack their hands with a ruler and chastise them for being naughty?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats on what appears to be a great blog site. Its been a while since I've seen you at Sprint. Hope all is well. Re Guantanamo Bay, Darin, prisoners are challenging their continued detention after three years without charges or trial. The official position is that the US won't release the prisoners until the war on terror is over. The war on terror never ends. If we capture the prisoners, lets produce evidence and prosecute. If the evidence isn't there, at least materialize it! So we can fit in with our republic gov't model we like to say we are. If we don't do that, then let them go.
Jacob Z

1:54 PM  

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