Tuesday, March 27, 2007

“Katrina recovery, veterans’ care and for other purposes.”

That's how the US Congress describes the $100 million dollars it plans to spend on the two party conventions, 50mil for each. I would imagine it falls under the "other purposes," description.

The best line: John Hart--a spokesman for Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., told The Examiner on Monday, “Congress will have to make the choice between booze and balloons or bullets and body armor."

The President asked for $100 billion and the Senate, lead by the Democrats are giving him $120 billion, throwing the extra 20 at their pet projects including $14 Billion for Katrina relief, $13 million for “ewe replacement and retention,” $24 million for sugar beets growers and $95 million for dairy producers, $3.5 million for the Capitol’s guided–tour program and $20 million for, in part, insect infestation control in Nevada, thanks to Majority Leader Harry Reid. For what it's worth, $14 billion, is enough to give every single person in New Orleans, man woman and child 10,000.00 bucks each---on top of what has already been spent rebuilding.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., Monday defended the extra spending, describing it as “common sense and good economics.”

“Funding for the war is not the only critical need worthy of the supplemental spending,” he said. The war “must not obliterate every other concern.”

How is it that a former KKK grand poobah can serve in the US Senate as the longest serving Democrat, spearhead the spending/fleecing of America for more than 40 years getting all sorts of buildings, bridges, facilities named in his honor, and the good folks in West Virginia keep sending him back? If he were a Republican the national media would shame him into resignation within a week. Since he is a Democrat they turn a blind eye to his ideas about "good economics," and give him a free pass to spend the tax payer's money in his own honor.

But it doesn't matter---"the people" aren't paying attention, besides I heard that they ruled out foul play in the Anna Nicole case, it looks like she might have OD'ed.


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