Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I am still surprised that the Schiavo thing has somehow turned into a popular reference as an example of the extremes of "those crazy right wing christian fundamentalists." As though only a religious zealot could possibly be on the side of life, (as opposed to physician assisted euthanasia).

I watch some idiot talking head on CNN (I think it was Dan Abrams) dismiss the whole episode off hand as evidence of the backwardness of Christians.

We have now been treated to Howard Dean on at least two occasions discussing how the republicans misstepped during the Schiavo controversy will haunt them in 06 and 08.
"The Republicans are willing to reach into our personal lives at any moment," Dean told the St. Petersburg Times , dismissing the notion that the controversy would fade with time.
"There is a deep scar on the American psyche," he said. "This is a great tragedy for the American people and I think the behavior of the governor (Jeb Bush) and the president and the senator (Mel Martinez) is something that will long be remembered."

Let me see if I have this correct: a judge declares that a woman who is severely disabled but not dying should be starved to death by order of her estranged husband. Republicans step up and say "let's review this particular case very carefully to make sure that every procedure was followed carefully (otherwise known as a de novo review)" the judges then dismiss the request and starve the woman to death by court order anyway,--and Dean thinks this will come back to haunt republicans?
I doubt it. People deride the whole episode as another opportunity for Bush and Rove to cozy up to the "evangelicals." They can't believe that perhaps they attempted to do what they thought to be right. I am glad that at least they tried.


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