Wednesday, August 24, 2005

speaking of old economies....

I have laid the foundation, the financial groundwork if you will, for my coming world dominance through hegemonic and imperial aquisition of lands.

I will be attending an auction on Thursday, and if Bob Barker is there (if the Price is Right), I might have my first money pit...I mean investment property.

I owned two houses at once in the past but it was long, painful, and not profitable in any way. You can see why I would want to repeat the experience....

But, to link it to my last post, my intentions would be to exchange something of value (my money) for something else of value (a house that no one wants and the lender foreclosed on). I will then put a minimal amount of elbow grease into it, elbow grease is of a lower viscosity than most other greases and therefore can spread evenly without any thermal breakdown. And then enter into another exchange, giving up the house that no one wants to someone who has money (that I want). I also intend to perform these exchanges in such a fashion that in the first exchange I give up less than I receive in the second exchange. I will keep the difference and name it "profit." It's a crazy idea, but it might just work. I wonder if anyone else has tried such a foolhardy endeavor...
Isn't capitalism neat?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered teaching economics? That was profound man.

If you need any help with that house, I do inexpensive handy work from woodworking to flooring.
What kind of loan are you considering? Consider a 5 yr balloon. I found it 2 be the best fix on a 2 yr rehab home.

3:25 PM  
Blogger djobe said...

Thanks for the offer and info, I will check into it. I plan on flipping within 90 days, so I may not do any permanent financing...we shall see I will definitely write about it...

5:01 PM  

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