Monday, November 14, 2005

A-10 or better

Those of you that know me, know that I enjoy cards...and about three years ago I caught the Texas Hold 'em bug.

Since then I have given 10 bucks to my friends on a bi weekly basis and in exchange they have allowed me to hang out with them, (it's really a good deal because I have certainly spent more for less). Occasionally I win, and by occasionally I mean less than 10 times out of more than a hundred attempts I win.

Recently Wes (former co worker, poker buddy, and all around decent guy) and I were strategizing what I could do to improve and we decided that without an A-10 or better I should fold the hand pre-flop. That would insure that I am not bleeding away my chips on hands, chasing straights--I would only be in hands that I had a legitimate shot at having "the nuts."

I will probably play one night this week, and if I am able to stick to that rule--we shall see if I do better than normal. Normal would be 4th or 5th out of 10, which is good enough to sit at the table for a while and get nothing in return...except of course the camaraderie.

For those of you wondering, "how can djobe have three kids at home and a beautiful wife who works evenings find time to play poker once every week or two?"

Well the answer is simple, I wait for her to come home from work, I put the kids to bed and then I go. It means I lose an hour or two of sleep, but hey--people sleep too much anyway.


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