Thursday, November 10, 2005

All arguments are futile and stupid

Arguments are a prelude to violence, it is an attempt to defeat someone--and understanding of truth cannot be forced...you cannot overpower someone into agreement. You might be able to silence someone if you are good, if you know the tricks of debate, but you will not have convinced them or changed their mind, you will have only silenced them until they have an opportunity to restart the argument.

Truth exists in an of itself regardless of one's ability to perceive it.


Anonymous JW said...

Very deep. Is it original?
Not very cheery though, is it?
I would suggest that not all arguments end in violence. In a perfect world, intelligent people can use reason and debate to settle differences.
I'd like to think that I can change my mind should a situation warrant. If we couldn't, then decisions would be easy. And we all know nothing is easy. Just ask my wife.

10:27 AM  
Blogger djobe said...

It's an adaptation of a teaching by Osho, a Zen Buddhist mystic that has written extemsively.
A college roommate gave me one of his books and I really enjoyed the parables...
I believe that the "violence" that he speaks of is not necessarily meaning physical violence as it is the intent with which one attempts to persuade another, if it is approached in a argumentative attempt to dominate, then that is like "violence."

11:32 AM  

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