Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lower taxes rates = wealthy paying more

J-Dub will like this. He and I recently had a discussion about the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. I won't put words in his mouth...you can see what we said here. I maintain that the rich already pay a huge amount in taxes, and the rhetoric and class warfare does nothing to help the poor, in fact it may hurt them.


Anonymous JW said...

I'm not sure I understand how they pay a higher percentage of income tax when the rate drops.
Sadly, the poorest still pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes, since they spend it all.

8:38 PM  
Blogger djobe said...

Well that's being a little statistically obtuse, isn't it? Taken to the logical conclusion, a man that makes 1 dollar a year and buys a soda, he spends over 50% of his income on soda, while a rich man can buy millions of sodas....

8:57 PM  

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