Sunday, March 05, 2006

Intellectual and technological vanity

I have just embarked on a new journey of technological ego-stroking--J-Dub, Scott and I are starting to record a weekly podcast.
The working title right now is Idiots Cervantes-- with the idiots being us and the reference to Cervantes as the author that created the greatest legend in his own mind ever, Don Quixote.
We are tyring to tap that Joe-Six pack kind of guy that makes references to Shakespearean era authors and has a deep thirst for public policy and current events as seen through the eyes of three unqualified commentators.

Like erotic books for children, I think it will be wildly unpopular.

We recorded our first, it ran a little long, and we got bogged down in some pretty heavy stuff, but it's fun and I have always wanted to sit in front of a microphone, even if I am the only member in the audience.

Stay tuned and I will try to link to it.


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