Monday, October 30, 2006

Above the fray

Isn’t it refreshing to hear from a political “independent” or “moderate” that doesn’t vote by “party line,” because they take a deep look into the heart of each candidate and carefully consider what kind of person the candidate is….isn’t that so enlightened? Isn’t it refreshing when someone who admittedly barely pays attention to matters of civic responsibility goes out and reads the tea leaves, or the tarot cards of the political future and punches that ballot for someone or something and effectively eliminates a well informed voters ballot? Isn’t that great?

Once again, the politics of ambivalence are in play as the candidates and their wranglers battle it out for the 5-15% of the American public that plans on voting but after weighing all of the various variables and factoring in their own personal experiences and wealth of individual collective expertise……..they just can’t come to a decision one way or another at this late hour. How open minded of them. Who needs the courage of convictions when you can substitute a blank slate of mindless apathy?

We will get fawning affection for how open minded these spineless wonders are as “journalists” go out of their way to find someone to interview who is looking at the issues without a partisan taint to their decision. It’s so beautifully post-modern….ALL opinions are valid; all votes are perfectly equal—regardless of the inanity or lack of reason behind them.

You voted to oppose a minimum wage increase because Rush says it’s bad for business? Congratulations—welcome to democracy, where everyone’s vote counts.
You voted to oppose Amendment 2 because your preacher said something about “test tube” babies and Dolly the sheep? That’s democracy, isn’t it wonderful?
You voted for Claire because somebody at work told you that Talent doesn’t like black people? Fair enough….

You see, you don’t have to have a good reason for voting on anything, because as P. Diddy has told us, it’s not what you vote for, it’s that you vote. Right?


Anonymous JW said...

Right. Vote or die.
It is right though. We can't all expect to know every candidate and issue inside and out. That's why we elect representatives, only they haven't been doing their job. And we will all have different reasons for voting, maybe even how they look. But the great thing about our country is all those opinions are counted and weighed.
I often worry that not enough people are getting it, not giving it the respect it deserves. I wonder if the election was truly stolen, if anyone would revolt. I hope so, but I have doubts...

10:39 PM  

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