Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ram Bomjon in a bunker?

I don't know why I find this story so amusing, but I have been posting about Ram Bomjon since he first came to "fame" a couple years ago.

He has begun meditating for three years in an underground bunker and will neither sleep, eat nor drink any water during that time, supporters claimed Tuesday--except for when he is sleeping, drinking, and eating. (he is after all, not the buddha, he is merely an "austere sage.")
I think the idea that his "supporters" are profiting off of a fictional belief in the boy's mystical superpowers, while everyone agrees that he doesn't have any superpowers is just too good to pass up. It could never happen in America, their would be amicus briefs flying all over the place and a fight all the way to the supreme court over all sorts of silliness, Fox would buy the exclusive rights to his meditation, and Geraldo would do an expose on his family, Oprah would invite the entire village to her studio and give them all iPods, and John Stossel would question why the government of Nepal was taking kick-backs from the Bomjon supporters and using it to fund wasteful programs---which I think clearly proves how advanced our society is...


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