Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's not a pyramid scheme, per se...

I like that women get together and “host parties” for each other where they invite people that they are marginally friends with and then a third party pressures them into buying overpriced tchotchke’s, or overpriced kitchen utensils, or overpriced makeup, or overpriced ____, and then the third party gets a small commission and the hostess gets a trinket for her trouble…I have an even better idea: cut out all the extra ordering and buying stuff and exchanging checks for inventory and make it a pure wealth redistribution system…you can have a group of friends, (12 total would be ideal) and then each month you could have one party at one of the member’s homes. The host/hostess would be responsible for planning the activities, the food, the drink, the theme etc…each of the group member’s brings $20 to the party in an envelope. At the end of the party, the host/hostess gets the money.

I know what you’re thinking: “Darin, if I pay 20 dollars a month for 11 months of attending these parties then I pay in exactly the same amount that I get out when I host the party…”

That is true but think: going out with your friends, having a meal or hors devours and drinks, etc…that’s worth 20 bucks right? And one month, when you host it, instead of paying 20 bucks, you walk away with an envelope with $220 cash in it! Who couldn’t use an extra 220 every once in a while?

OK, now tell me why my idea sucks…


Anonymous jess said...

I love your idea and may do it myself. Where do you come up with this stuff?

3:32 PM  

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