Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Major Dad"

So Mr. William Randolph Hurst is played by Major Dad on Deadwood, and I was kind of surprised--he doesn't really pull it off.
Ian McShane as Swearingen is absolutely, unquestionably in character.
Same with Powers Boothe who plays Cy Toliver. Both of those actors seem as though they have been living in character for months.

The plot has gotten a little bit predictable, but all in all, the best show on TV.

EB has just lost his mind, and on previous episodes he was a strange little man who talked to himself, but he certainly wasn't insane...I wonder where that one came from. (I predict cyphillis.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1876, the period where the HBO show "Deadwood" takes place, William Randolph Hearst was 13 years old.

Gerald McRaney plays his father, George Hearst.

11:49 AM  

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