Tuesday, May 03, 2005

what the ???

I actually heard a newscast this morning that used a sound clip saying that the Governor and the Republicans want to throw children, old people and the disabled overboard in order to balance the budget. Is that "news?" That sounds a lot like some kook's opinion of some possible future effect of some possible change in a state budget. A factual news piece might actually use facts...like perhaps comparing last years budget with this years projected spending, or comparing historical percentages of the budget that goes to each kind of state project.

Good example: "Last year's state budget allocated XX number of dollars for public roads and highways. This year that number will be decreased by X% to XX dollars. Officials intend to do some cost cuting to work around the decreased funding. "

Bad example: "Republicans plan on cutting the budget for public roads which should cause more people to die on Missouri Highways. Listen to this clip from a class action attorney who regularly sues the state. _______"


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