Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Equal opportunity bash

Let's be clear that there are plenty of old white priviledged men on both sides of the aisles that have a less than stellar race relations record.
The outrage is that when Trent Lott makes a stupid comment at a private party that had the taint of racially insensitive speech at best, he apologized (albeit poorly) on multiple occasions, and was summarily fired from his post as leader of the Senate Republicans. Compare and contrast Lott's record and recriminations for his perceived wrongs with Byrd's record and rewards for his ACTUAL wrongs and I find myself agreeing with Bob Dole's 1996 campaing theme: "Where's the outrage?"

Did I mention the guy was a Kleagle? He wrote letters to the "Imperial Wizard" and collected the dues to pay for the sheets and hoods? Bob Byrd has been elected Senate majority leader TWICE!!!?! Where's the outrage?
He has apologized, in a back handed way, for his affiliation, calling his time their an "albatross around my neck" but he also plays the game of--"it was a bad decision because it hurt me politically" instead of saying---"it was a bad decision because the Klan is the most hideous organization in the history of the US."
Is there any doubt that if a top ranking Republican had ties to the KKK 50 years ago he would not only be driven from office but he would be indicted, arraigned, arrested and prosecuted?

OK---I got it out of my system---


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