Wednesday, June 29, 2005

the lines are drawn

Is there anyone out there who is still persuadable?

I mean--is there anyone who hasn't decided for sure how they feel about the war on terror, (In Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else...) notice I say "feel" because that is the most important thing. No one has to justify, support or defend a logical and rational argument for or against anything: it is all about how we "feel" about the issues.

Come to think of it--is there anyone out there who holds a belief to be true, studies and learns more about it, and then changes their mind? I haven't seen it much.

We are all kings...each of us with equally valid opinions, right? So what if I know nothing about the subject at hand, I "feel" like I am right...so I must be. So what if every evidenciary indication reveals my opinions to be wrong, I "feel" like I am right. Besides, truth is just a construct, "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter...."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was for the war in Iraq. I believed Bush and Kerry and the rest of Congress when they said that Iraq had WMD. I wasn't supportive of the way that he rushed into Iraq, but I was still 'for it' at that time. Then, I changed my mind as the evidence was released that showed how the intelligence was construed to support the war for other reasons than what were explained to me, that originally won my support. So yea, I changed my mind 360.

10:28 AM  
Blogger djobe said...

Well, I stand corrected, I am glad you took the time to read and comment, it is always fun to check in and see if anyone is paying attention.
I think there were WMDs and they have either been smuggled somewhere else or we are unable to find them....
We can't find an 18 year old blond on a 130 square mile island--it is entirely possible that we would have a hard time finding WMD in a country the size of California.
Either way, we know that there were WMDs because he used them on the Kurds in the 90's, so if he had them in the 90's then he likely had them later, and his ties to al queda were well established (even Richard Clarke admitted that if they didn't catch OBL he would seek refuge with Saddam in 98)
I think I am going to write an actual post dealing with this....stay tuned...

8:49 AM  

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