Monday, June 27, 2005


Do the multi-millionaire actors, actresses, performers, musicians, etc...not think it a little unseemly to have large swanky white tie and tiara parties to celebrate their involvement in trying to combat AIDS in Africa? "Sir Elton John" threw a party at his mansion complete with zebras greeting the guests as they arrive and men dressd in gorilla suits. (The whole point of Live8 is to bring attention to poverty and AIDS in Africa...is the best way to do that to sip champagne and eat caviar at a mansion of a flamboyantly homosexual englishman who earns millions playing old songs on the piano?)

It's like "The Game" says: how can people spend 30 million on an airplane when there is kids starving?

(I think that is my first "gangsta rap" reference on this blog----keeping it real)


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