Thursday, July 14, 2005


The whole Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Karl Rove kerfuffle is really getting annoying...I am a hard core political junkie and I have a hard time explaining to anyone what the deal is and why it is being reported on so heavily...
A bomb blows up in London, killing many and wounding many in the first suicide attacks in their history, and the only thing that the press is concerned with is whether or not some former ambasador's wife was outed in a story 2 years ago as being a "covert"agent?
Is this news?

For Jake---I watched the all star home run derby (sort of) and it was good (sort of).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would call it news. From what I've read on the internet, though I cannot find a law that it's based on, because everything I google links to storied about Plame, it is an aggravated felony to expose a covert agent.

On another note, though I don't know (so I cannot judge properly, not knowing case law all that well) that Rove's actions can fall under the constitutional definition of this, but some beleive that this was an act of treason.

If you want to call it an aggravated felony, then he should be removed. If you want to call it treason, then we should abide by the laws and guidelines laid out for such an offense.

Responding to your post though, I agree that the London bombings should have held a much higher place than this should have. I do have to correct you though, they were not suicide attacks. The bombs were planted, and the people walked away. There are a couple in custody now, just to prove I'm right. ;)


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