Friday, July 01, 2005

know when to fold em

Sometimes you can't help but win, other times you are in position with the best hand and your opponent sucks out one of their outs on the river.

We played a cash game last night, and I am getting more and more confident in cash games, and I survived until there was two people left--we decided to stop at a specific time regardless of where we were on chips. 4 minutes to go, last couple of deals and I am behind in chips but I could cash out for almost exactly what I paid in for, so I am not unhappy....

Andy pushes me all in pre-flop, I had a fairly strong hand for heads up and with the time expiring I figured Andy for a pretty strong hand but wanting to either buy a couple of blinds or push the action. I called and we flipped over--he was holding an Ace 3 and I was holding Ace 9, so statistically we were probably 51/49 favoring my slightly higher kicker.
The flop gave us both our Ace and no other help. The Turn gave no help. The River----------

of course it was Andy's only out...one of 3 threes left in the deck (3 out of 40 cards---7%). It was a tough beat, but I'm a big boy and that's why we roll the cards out.
Besides, I won a tourney recently.
Either way the confidence that comes with playing well will pay off at the next tourney.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a really good game, though. Andy took all of our money, but it's poker. I consider it a much funner type of charity.


10:59 PM  

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