Thursday, September 29, 2005

Howard Stern and Sirius

In a couple of months Howard will be leaving terrestrial radio and heading over to Sirius. Analysts think that this will bring as many as a million new subscribers to that industry.

"It's reasonable to expect 10 percent of Stern's 10 million listeners to subscribe and many analysts are factoring that in over the 5-year contract," Butson said. "But fanatic Howard Stern fans aren't going to wait two or three years to sign up."

Have the analysts ever listened to his show? People listen to the show because it is on. The analysts think that the people will follow the celebrity (and some will) but most won't. They will simply listen to the next guy/gal on that station....

Think about it, when you drive to work, does it matter what two morons are doing the "morning show" on your local radio? NO. In fact, in my market, two guys have bounced from one station to the rival station and I doubt that it encouraged thousands of listeners to change their listening habits....people put up with the ridiculous talk in between the songs that they might not be disgusted by, or they put in a CD...or listen to talk.

Lot's of people worry about the future of radio, and think it is because of all the new technology that will drive radio into oblivion. It's not. People turn off the radio because the product is unbearably bad and they have an alternative.

Just like the box office, people are going to fewer movies, not just because DVD's offer a good viewing experience, but more so because the product is just not that good anymore. Name a great movie that came out this summer----


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Name a great movie that came out this summer? Did you not see "Wedding Crashers?" And I completely disagree with the morning show issue. I was one of the ones who followed the two guys to the rival station (a station I had completely boycotted before) because their replacements are morons & it DOES matter what you're listening to in the AM. I can't wake up to moronic banter. Morons piss me off. Frowny face.

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