Monday, September 26, 2005

they call him flipper, king of the ocean

I watch this show on HGTV or one of the other cable outlets called, "Flip this House." I think that was the name of it...

Either way, it is basically an upclose look at a company that specializes in flipping for profit and they are based in South Carolina.

It's very fun to watch, the transformation and the obvious thrill that the owner and construction guys get out of taking a big pile of crap and turning it into a very desirable property. (and making a decent profit doing it)

I have still not found a property that fits my requirements:
--desirable location
--decent floor plan
--has the right things wrong (floors, paint, kitchen, bathrooms--no foundations or water leaks or roofs)
--discounted pricing or terms

I know where I am looking and it seems like they are selling for too much, if I went in and sub contracted a bunch of work, I don't think I could get my money back out...and I am not willing to try one without knowing it's a home run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am Leigh and Andrew's sister in law. We buy and fix to flip houses, too. Very challenging sometimes. Have you thought about buying them on the courthouse steps? The biggest challenge is putting together the right "team" to demo and remodel on your timeline. Fast in, fast out. This is one industry where time IS money. Good luck to you and keep us updated. We are always interested in "others" game plans.

5:28 PM  
Blogger pagereader said...

I've been watching that show too. It's addictive.

11:38 PM  

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