Tuesday, September 06, 2005

to the extent of its dominion...

Hugh Hewitt said:
For the federal government to act in the face of a natural disaster, it's help must be requested and its guidance accepted by the state and local officials.
"“States are accorded wide latitude in the regulation of their local economies under their police powers," the Supreme Court wrote in the 1976 case of New Orleans v. Dukes, and that wide latitude extends to every aspect of disaster planning (or non-planning.)
Every effort to blame Bush (or laughably Secretary Rice) is simply demagoguery, and whether born of ignorance or malice, injures the very people it purports to be offered on behalf of. My mail box is full of angry denuciations of the agenda journalism of Bush opponents dressed up as journalists --like Neal-- who are swearing off assistance in this disater because of their anger of its twisting by amoral partisans seeking to score points off a natural disaster combined with towering incompetence of state and local officials.
That refusal to help is just as wrong as the agenda journalism of the MSM lefties and the posturing pols. The scale of the storm ought to have blown away all attempts at assigning culpability, but as the left shows no sign of recognizing what most of America has already figured out, then answers to their fake questions asked through crocodile tears should be given.

I know that there are those that would accuse FEMA, or other federal agencies of failing to protect the people of New Orleans. I am sure that there are lots of individual incidents of failures, we are (last time I checked) human and to err is....but I believe in the goodness of men, in the generousity of people trying to help people, and doing the best that they can.

I don't believe that we have responded to this natural disater differently due to the race of the majority of those affected. Many of the hands accepting assistance are black, many of the hands offering it are white.

The color of one's skin does not make their rescue any more or less important.


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Blogger smays said...

Either anonymous didn't read your thoughtful post... or you've been splogged.

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Blogger djobe said...

Yep, splogging has hit my fair blog....

I am not sure why either, I mean, why would I respond to that comment and reward them by clicking on the link?

I am kind of surprised it is not an offer to increase the size and performance of my genitalia, as that is normally what kind of spam I receive. Apparently there is a HUGE market for emailing people to encourage them to buy enhancements.

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