Friday, January 06, 2006

Governor’s Student Leadership Forum/Bolt of lightning

Occasionally someone says something that hits you like a bolt of lightning. My hair did not catch on fire, but I heard a speaker earlier this week while attending a forum on student leadership say something that stopped me in my tracks. More on that in a moment…

The forum was hosted by the governor, and we had an opportunity to meet and listen to some great people talk about their faith and values and how their beliefs inform their daily lives and impact the decisions they make as they lead their respective communities.

I was a facilitator along with Ken (Hi, Ken!) and we had the opportunity to meet lots of college students from around the state, and break into a small group with 8 of them (Hi, guys!). We shared some time, some good food, and our thoughts about faith and values as it relates to leadership.

We heard a lot of great speakers including a Supreme Court Justice, some business leaders, and some one on one time with the Governor. A gentleman from Worldwide Technologies, (the founder-actually) David Steward was the speaker who hit me with that bolt of lightning. It was just one of many things I was able to see and hear over the past couple of days. I will try to share some of the other things as well, but this one is stuck in my head---

I’ll paraphrase:
“Are you living your life in a way that is worthy of the sacrifice of those that came before you?”

We all fall short.


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