Monday, March 06, 2006

growing like a weed

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US economy has been growing for 17 straight quarters. http://www.bea.gov/

Who would have thought? I can't recall seeing very much positive coverage of the economy. In fact, even good news has a tendency to sound like bad when a Republican is in office.

Look at this headline: "Consumer Spending Shows Big Gain In January While Construction Activity Slows," The Associated Press, 3/1/06

So the story is highlighting increased consumer spending, yet has to throw in that junk about construction slowing, just to stay "fair."

Or how about this: "Inflation Eats Up Most Jan. Income Gains," MarketWatch, 3/1/06) but the fact is that after inflation, disposable incomes have increased 2.2% in the last twelve months.

Of course, you could disregard any facts and just declare it all terrible.


Anonymous JW said...

Did you read the story?
How about the Census Bureaus numbers that suggest family earning is DOWN from last decade?

1:25 PM  

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