Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Right now

What are our priorities?

Follow me for a moment---CO2 represents approximately .04% of the atmosphere. The current global warming theology is that through industrialization man is releasing so much CO2 that we may have something like .045% concentration in the atmosphere. This tiny change, an increase that is barely measuarble in PPMV (that's parts per million by volume) is supposedly going to cause the planet to increase in global mean temperature by as much as a couple of degrees over the next 50 years.
Let's concede that all these things will happen, man cannot stop, intervene, prevent, etc...and let's also concede that a change by a couple of degrees will ruin the planet...

Switch gears.

Right now, there are children dying of malaria. In fact, another one dies every 30 seconds, so in the time it took for you to read this, at least two more died. Today. And we can prevent it. So we can focus our energies and efforts on possibly preventing the planet from possibly increasing in mean temperature by possibly a couple degrees and it may possibly be a bad thing...or we could save lives of millions of people, right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes we are taking care of what we can with the worlds diseases with tax breaks and funding to big drug companies. But at the same time if we don’t take care of “global warming” then in 300 years it will be dam hot here on earth. And in 300 years I don’t want to be hot. 

9:38 AM  
Blogger djobe said...

Well we really need to be worried about the Near Earth Object that will cross our orbit in 800 years, because it won't matter how hot it is if the planet is obliterated by an asteroid the size of China...

10:56 AM  
Anonymous clyde said...

The major news orgs are concentrating on "the large number of American servicemen killed in Iraq since the insurgence began. It now is over 2,000. And, about the same number were killed in one day on 9-11. Pisses us off. Yet think about this: almost 2-thousand babies are aborted in America EVERY DAY.

9:30 PM  

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