Tuesday, March 21, 2006

polls about facts are stupid

Why are polls about declarative statements of fact making the news these days?

One cannot go a day without reading something like "37% of people think that Al Zarqawi is dead, or 40% believe OBL will be captured, or 60% think that Iraq will collapse into a civil war".

Aren't those objective and certifiable facts, independent of polling data? Think about something that is factually verifiable---like I am 29 years old.
Then take a picture of me to 1000 people and ask them how old they think I am. I would be willing to bet that a certain percentage would think I was older, and a certain percentage would think I am younger.....but it's STUPID because asking a thousand morons what they think about something that is an independent fact does not make a difference because regardless of what the poll says...my age is a fact as is Al Zarqawi's status on this mortal coil, or OBL's status as fugitive...


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