Friday, March 24, 2006

There is no evil, just varying degrees of “complexity”

Wow, thanks Madeline, further proof that there are some who just don’t get it.

When terrorists take hostages and torture and execute them, it’s not evil personified…that’s so simplistic. It’s much more complex than that…If we could just understand the “root causes” and open our minds to the nuanced diplomatic issues involved.

This is the logical extreme of postmodern philosophy—there is no right or wrong, all cultures and opinions are equally valid/valuable, good and evil are simply constructs of the people who are telling the story. Of course, most people don’t realize they are postmodernists; our educational system barely gets basic math and reading hammered into our mushy skulls. But this op-ed is breathtakingly reckless, by a former secretary of state, while there are 100,000 plus soldiers still in Iraq.


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