Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Silver linings

Sometimes when things don't work out the way you might have hoped, it takes a little while to get your perspective...and you think, "how could so many people disagree with my obviously sensible ideas?"

But here we are, the day after the elections and the Republicans have taken a much deserved thumping.

The silver lining for me?
Republicans deserved to lose: they abandoned their principles on spending and imigration and they have failed to maintain their status as the fiscally responsible party. A loss like this gives them an opportunity to go back to their core principles.
Despite what Brian Williams and Matt Lauer told me, this election was NOT a referendum on Iraq: Lieberman ran a clean campaign not wavering in his support for our efforts in Iraq against a vehemently vocal anti-Iraq candidate in a very blue state and won as an Independent by a huge margin.
It was not a victory for the Democratic plan, domestic or foriegn: There is no plan. They recruited moderate-conservative candidates to run for seats that have been long held by Republicans. In fact, many of the Democrats that won seats would look more comfortable caucusing (sp?) with the Republicans, (Casey in PA for example, or Lieberman in CT)...and many of the Republicans that lost were RINO's (Chafee, Leach and Hostettler) that voted frequently with the Democrats.

So, chin up, better to lose some seats in a mid-term now then to have lost 2 years ago to John Kerry.



Anonymous Dana said...

Great analysis. You need a political column.

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