Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scott Adams is a genius

Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator is a genius. Every day he produces a funny cartoon that manages to sum up a brilliant idea in three frames. They are brief, and pithy, and get to the heart of a universally recognized truism.

He then has time to post to his website really amusing and insightful stuff that you won’t likely find anywhere else—“unique” ideas, inasmuch as that is possible.

Read here about the Happiness Formula. It makes perfect sense, a short book that starts at a very high level of defining happiness:
Happiness = health + money + social life + meaning.

Then break each individual component down.
Health =
Money =
Social life =
Meaning =

Of course, every day his “comments” get lit up with people who beg to be noticed by the powerful Scott, either agreeing in fawning admiration, or disagreeing with sarcastic condescension. That’s the beauty of his blog—I recommend it as required reading.


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