Monday, March 24, 2008

Communication Overload

If you are like me you have three email addresses, you have multiple phone numbers--- your home phone that you figure you should eliminate but haven’t cut the cord yet, a cell phone, a work phone, a fax machine, etc…
You have work related email, you have personal email that goes to your work email, you have personal email that goes to your personal email and you have that one email address that you setup for registering to stupid websites that require an email address but you haven’t checked it in months…
On any given day you have what feels like hundreds of conversations, email trails that dead end, and voicemails that you don’t want to return, or can’t return…
Don’t feel bad that you can’t keep up, it turns out that if you actually were able to keep up, it would be evidence of a mental illness and an addiction problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is funny...lol...find an illness for Overachievers...I may be suffering. Hey...interesting stuff...glad I stopped by.
Rebecca D.

5:28 PM  

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