Wednesday, June 22, 2005

peanut gallery

I love comments. Can you all read the comments like I can? That's silly, of course you can.

I will try to tone down the politics and focus more on first principles, because politics is just the practical game of competing ideas. If one can clearly define their own first principles then one can make a reasoned decision on darn near anything.
I understand that me ranting like a loon about Tom Delay this, or Bob Byrd that is not necessarily riveting stuff and I will from this point forward only write extremely interesting stuff that is custom taylored to everyone's individual preferences.
That's right--I am offering a fully customized blog experience...do you like midgets? I will write about midgets.
Maybe midgets aren't your thing? Well, don't read the part about midgets when I write it. Maybe you are into anthropomorphic snack foods? Like a potato chip that looks like Abraham Lincoln...I will write about that as well, and again if you are not interested in ASF's as I like to call them, don't read that part.

I feel better already, this thing is really gonna rock. OK Where do I start? I will be like Drew Carey on "Whose Line Is It" where he yells out into the audience, "give me the name of a broadway play and your favorite pizza topping." And then Wayne Brady sings an improv song about Fiddler on the Roof and Anchovies.

On second thought, I will probably just keep writing whatever strikes my fancy, and if anyone reads it and likes--cool, if not--- that's fine too.

I definitely need to change the title of this sucker, I'm thinking Anthropomorphic Snack Foods?
Tally Ho!


Blogger pagereader said...

...enjoying your sarcasm-laced humor. Am requesting a blog about aquatic life with a sidebar movie review on Napoleon Dynamite, with a bang-up ending including a fabulous recipe for bbq ribs.

12:55 PM  

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