Monday, July 18, 2005


It wasn't exactly the world series of poker, but I played in a hold'em tourney at the Isle of Capri on Friday night. I went and there was a waiting list to get on a table so myself and a friend (allow myself to introduce, myself) sat down at a black jack table, I ended up winning enough to pay for my buy in so I put my name on the wait list.

It's 100 bones to sit down at the table, and there is a professional dealer, and a bunch of surly looking characters carefully measuring everyone up. You cannot start at the table with more than 300 but there were definately guys that had been there for quite a while and could smell the blood in the water...a couple dudes were really stacked up in chips, so you were pretty much sitting down in a desperate situation from the word go.

I was at the table for a maximum of 10 hands...I played maybe two of them, but the blinds were 2 and 5 and most everytime someone would bump up to 20 or 40 jsut to see the flop, so if you paid to see a flop you better have a strong starting hand. I was sitting at around 75 bucks when I caught a flush draw, I moved all in. Everyone dropped, reading me correctly for the flush. (I don't know if that is a compliment or not, but I was mouthing the word "flush" is that a tell?)
The guy to my immediate left calls, and we flip over. I had suited connector hearts...I think it was 8, and 9 and he had Jack and 3. There was a potential straight flush which was going to be the only way I could win....if I popped a heart on the river, he would beat me with a higher flush...My only out was I think a 6 of hearts, BIG UNDERDOG.

River card---------------------King of Hearts. I lose.


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Wow, okay. So I really know nothing about poker. But I do like all this talk about popping a heart on the river and whatnot. Sounds like secret code for selling babies on the black market.

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