Friday, August 26, 2005

pet peeves are my pet peeve

what does pet peeve mean?

regardless, I always enjoy the level to which people take their pet peeves seriously, as though their idosyncratic behavior in response to something that many other people would find completely normal is justification in and of itself for odd behavior on their part....

that may not make any sense, so let me provide an example: I know people that won't read an email if it requires "scrolling."
What if the answer to all of the world's problems are at the bottom of the page?
Steve will not read a message unless the "subject line" is filled out and descriptive of what the message contains.
What if I trick him? I think I will try that, I will put the entire messsage in the subject line and then in the message, I will put the one word description of what the message will contain....
I have a friend that refuses to listen to messages.
What if I call him and say, "I can't call you back but I am stuck under a truck, so please come get me or I will die."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have some valid points here...and you have weird friends.


12:38 AM  
Blogger smays said...

You've given me an excellent idea. I'm going to respond to the next 100 emails I receive from co-workers and summarize the key point (assuming there is one) of their message in the subject line. Do you think anything you --or I-- have to say is so profound or complex that it can't be expressed in one screen of copy?

5:01 PM  

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