Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This just in: The Sun is hot!

Reuters reports the sun is hot.

Actually they reported that the cosmic storms that the sun "spawns" may be more active in its next cycle. Somehow they know that it's a eleven year cycle. There is also reason to believe that these cyclical storms at least partially contribute to climate change.

I have frequently said that humans worrying about causing climate change is like ants farting and then standing on top of their hill and exclaiming that the whole planet stinks...

It's possible that the giant ball of super heated flaming plasma 93 million miles away that gives light and energy to everything on the planet is more responsible for the global climate than my Nissan, or your Ford.


Anonymous JW said...

Our proximity to the sun may make us hotter, but I doubt the explosions do. I don't think a big gas ball of heat comes through space and whacks the planet. What those sunspot explosions actually do is send a storm of electrons into space, and those wreak havoc on our communications. It interferes with radio transmissons, satellites and the like. They also make for some pretty auroras up in north country. Learn more at www.spaceweather.com.

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