Thursday, July 20, 2006

Temple Transformation

I am attempting to treat my body less like a hazardous waste dump and more like a temple.
I would say on a continuum with “Landfill” on the far left and “Shaolin Monastery” on the extreme right---my treatment of my body would fall somewhere in the “Los Angeles Metropolitan area,” ---I try to keep up appearances, but the smog and industrial chemical dumping is taking its toll on the infrastructure.
I will turn 30 in 10 days, and in honor of this “achievement,” I am eating healthier and working out, and abstaining from anything that might be considered fun or bad for you.

Depending on my progress I will take “before” and “after” shots. If little or no progress is made, I will Photoshop myself until it looks like I am Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Olympia, not Mr. Gubernator).


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