Wednesday, September 13, 2006

That Nancy Grace is a class act

I will suspend judgement on the woman that killed herself after being interviewed by that paragon of even-handed judicial reporting, Nancy Grace.
I will assume that she had no direct involvement in her son's disappearance.

It's a tragedy, a child is missing without a trace. A young mother has cut her own life short. But Nancy Grace will ride it to higher ratings, and consequently better advertising rates, with zero culpability, she can't even cop to the possibility that her interview might have had something to do with it...plausible deniability and limited liability being the modus operandi of anyone who could be held responsible for anything.

It's sad, but it will be over in a news cycle.


Anonymous JW said...

Unless of course we find out the mother did it...
I'm no fan of the woman, in fact I've never liked her at all. But I'm sure she'll have guilt if the mother was innocent and her questioning caused her suicide. We'll see...

11:07 PM  

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