Wednesday, April 04, 2007

X Prize, just make that $10 million check out to me

So a few billionaires have gotten together to decide that if there was just the right incentive, say $10 million bucks the car companies or a bunch of pot smoking tree hugging hippies would build a car that can get 100 mpg and be commercially viable.
It never occurs to them that the technology already exists, but nobody wants them due to the fact that cars are not simply about mpg efficiency, they are also about lots of other things including transporting people with a modicum of safety and comfort as well as those intangibles like, styling and how a particular vehicle makes you “feel.”

SO, what’s my point?

I have designed the car that gets 100 mpg.

I know what your thinking, this is a Vespa, it’s not a car. That’s where you are wrong, if you were to encase the rider in a cardboard box you would add aerodynamic stability. If you add training wheels you get a 4 wheel vehicle. And the final modification, you have to push it 30 of every 100 miles because it only gets 70 mpg.

Or how about this?....

Nice huh? And it gets 58 mpg hwy...if you can drive 40% of the time downhill I think you could increase that to 100 mpg. Chrome wheels included. If you take off the doors and tailgate and windows you would save lot's of weight and increase that mpg to somewhere in the 70 range.
So like I said, feel free to email me for my address and I will accept that $10 million dollar prize and get to work on manufacturing my eco friendly vehicle.


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