Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When the rubber meets the road

Anyone else find it interesting that for years the Democrats and Republicans fight over what the Democrats pejoratively refer to as “tax cuts for the rich” but when the economy looks like it is ACTUALLY in trouble, suddenly the Dems and Republicans are on the same page?
If the Democrats truly believe in principle what they have been claiming in their rhetoric over the past few years, now would be the time for them to say, “see---America can’t afford the tax cuts and we should immediately raise taxes in order to provide the services that the poorest among us so desperately need.”
But that’s not at all what they are saying, is it? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are meeting with President Bush to discuss “stimulus” packages that will try to stave off the falling dollar, the falling Dow and the plummeting consumer confidence. What’s their stimulating idea? TAX CUTS! Of course, they won't allow a tax cut without increased spending on Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment benefits because rhetorically they've backed themselves into a corner: if tax cuts are a handout to "the rich" then they must also give a hand out to the poor via increased spending on their preferred government programs.
This is exactly why people distrust politicians, if the Democrats have spent approximately 7 years railing against Bush’s tax cuts---then why on earth are they advocating cutting taxes now? Because the dirty secret is that they never believed what they were saying and when the rubber meets the road and we face an actual possible economic downturn that will taint the coming election, suddenly the Democrats are on board with putting more of our money in our pockets as long as they get to look like they are helping the poor.
A simplified tax structure that doesn’t penalize investment or savings and encourages growth and entrepreneurial endeavors would do more to make the markets calm down than another rebate or tax credit….but if they want to send me a bipartisan check for $800-1600 dollars, I will take it.


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