Wednesday, July 20, 2005

assuage your fears

I am not sure if I can assuage your fears, or if I prefer to massage them...but I am not a right wing nut job. (my shoulder angel says, "of course you are, just read some of the RNC crap you write.")

I only say this because a friend of mine www.smays.com has given me the odd compliment of, "you can't really think that way, your too smart and funny..." and while it is true that I am smart and funny (and handsome--but who's counting?---I'm pitching!) I really am passionate about something.
What was it that Rush Limbaugh told me? Oh yeah, I am passionate about Supreme Court Justices. (couldn't care less)

I will sleep through this whole Supreme Court nomination fight...who can get that excited about a very boring guy taking a very boring job doing very boring things?

To illustrate the fact that this is unimportant: a quiz----what are the names of the other 8 justices? Who was the most influential justice in the past 50 years? How many justices did GHWB appoint? Clinton? Reagan?
If you can answer any of these questions, you have too much time on your hands.

Would it matter if the court overturned Roe? NO!!! Why not? Because each state would then do it's own thing, (kind of like federalism was originally designed, so that New York can do what New York wants to do and Texas can do what Texas wants to do).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree with you that this process won't be great, I disagree with you on what the effects could be.
If Federal law could prohibit abortions (which overturning RvW would allow), then you would be violating a federal law, and still be committing a crime, if you had an abortion (or maybe just if you processed the abortion/committed it).
Two things I kinda like about this guy, though, are that he has what appears to be a strong respect for precident (which RvW is), and that he issued a brief against the RIAA (or the MPAA, I can't remember which one) against ISPs, essentially saying that they can't force ISPs to turn over heavy users, without a court signed order. That led to the Jon Doe letters, instead of ones specifically targetting individuals.

Just my thoughts on the whole thing. I just hope that he's not a judicial activist, looking to overturn multiple previous court decisions (most importantly RvW and Miranda).


10:53 PM  
Anonymous clyde said...

The Court is one place in government where raw brilliace and intellect count for something. John Roberts is an intellect and--apparently-- cool at the same time. He's a good man for the job.
My frustration is that the Senate isn't offering its advice and consent, but weighing in politically--completely misunderstanding its constitutional role.


4:23 PM  

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