Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Texas Fold 'em

So as you can tell I am a poker junkie. I am not losing any serious money, but I pay 10 bucks a week in exchange for learning another painful lesson at the hands of my "friends."

The most recent lesson, you ask? If you are short stacked, and you catch an A8. Play it, if you flop a pair of Aces and you only have one caller....be careful. You are playing kicker...whoever has the highest second card is going to win. Statistically you both only have a couple of Aces and an 8 is in the middle and therefore worthless, so your 8 is going to get out-muscled by pretty much every card in the deck. Not to mention the fact that your opponent might get lucky and pair up his kicker...and then your screwed.

As I am very slow to learn, it is not the cards that you catch, it is the cards that your opponents catch that matter. You don't have to catch great hands, you just have to know when they are better than everyone elses.

Everyone who just read that owes me 10 bucks. (If I have to pay to learn these lessons, it seems like I should be able to recoup....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Mr. Jobe:

Heavy stuff. I mean all this GOP meanness. Come on, lighten up. I'm frankly impressed with your choice of topics: poker and pokerface Rove. Somewhere in between is reality.
You're very interesting. And, thats good, real good--blaming the kids brother for the brutality! :-)
Just kidding.

7:41 PM  
Blogger djobe said...

AL---nice to see you chime in...yes it does get a little heavy occasionally, but only because I am a right wing hate-monger who is being paid by none other than Karl Rove to disseminate a grass roots disinformation campaign.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I will be expecting my $10 for explaining this point to you after you got beat.....


12:24 PM  

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