Wednesday, July 20, 2005

rich get richer...

A very cool discovery...my name was on the "unclaimed property registry" so I filled out a form and notarized it and blah blah blah....

Well the value was over 50 bucks so it wouldn't say what it was, but I called the office of the Sec of State who handles unclaimed property and they were able to confirm that I had somehow aquired 22 shares of Metlife stock. (I know how, I worked for metlife as a financial advisor for a short period of time in one of my former lives, basically long enough to get trained and licensed and make a couple of sales....)

Either way, its not every day that you find a penny on the ground. Apparently I just found 100,000 pennies.

Now everyone pound their fists in anger while shouting "tax cuts for the rich" as I contemplate liquidating my windfall and paying the capital gains tax (which is now lower, Thank you, Mr. President.)

I am just kidding, it's not that much money, but it is fun when it comes out of nowhere....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's it. You're not getting my $10.00 for the poker lesson on Tuesday.



2:13 PM  

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