Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Called in to their thinging

My wife and I attended an excellent University here in Kirksville, Missouri--Truman State University and even though it is one of the best it occasionally falls into the same educational clap traps that the rest of "academia" falls.

I read this little quote the other day, at National Review Online, where one of the columnists, John Derbyshire, was poking fun at postmodern philosophers---

"In the naming, the things named are called into their thinging. Thinging, they unfold world, in which things abide and so are abiding ones." (Martin Heidegger, Poetry, Language, Thought, pp.199-200. "

I instantly recognized it, I remember laughing at how ludicrous it was and sure enough, my wife was required to read Poetry, Language, Thought in order to earn her degree.

Some other amusing and meaningless postmodern quotes:

Truths are illusions of which one has forgotten that this is what they are.

The author is therefore the ideological figure by which one marks the manner in which we fear the proliferation of meaning.

last one

Does truth, then, arise out of nothing? It does indeed if by nothing is meant the mere not of that which is, and if we here think of that which is as an object present in the ordinary way, and thereafter comes to light and is challenged by the existence of the work as only presumptively a true being.


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