Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turtles stink really bad

I am the proud owner of three turtles. Why three? Because I already had two and figured a third one wouldn't be any more hassle.

They are not exactly cuddly creatures, I have always loved reptiles, and these are certainly not the first reptiles I have kept, but they have worn out their welcome.

We bought two, one for each son, on a trip to the coast, I think we went to Hilton Head and at every T-shirt shop and souvenir stand there was a bunch of weirdos selling tiny little aquatic turtles for 10 bucks...think of hermit crabs only considerably more disgusting, unpredictable and with the added benefit of being likely carriers of salmonella, you can see how they are a perfect pet for your toddlers. Later my boys and I were camping and late at night my dog discovered a baby soft shelled turtle making its way to the water, so we intercepted it and kept it as a pet--by far the most unusual turtle in Missouri, it's shell is like a leather pancake and it has a really long neck that it uses like a snorkel.

Now we have had these stinking animals for more than two years and it is time for them to go, but we cannot convince our boys that they would be happier in the wild...
So like I chump, I am cleaning out their 10 gallon tank of poop at 10 o clock on a Sunday night.


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