Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a new toy

For my 31st birthday my wife, my parents, and my wife's parents got together and bought me something really nice:
I love riding bikes, and the bike that I currently ride I bought when I was 14, so it was time for an upgrade.
It's a Specialized Hard Rock Disc, and I splurged and bought the SPD pedals and some really nice shoes and now I just have to train myself to remember to twist my foot when I want to unclip from the bike.
I already fell once on my front porch when I came to a complete stop and then went to put my foot down and to my surprise, my foot was still firmly attached to the bike. As the ground rapidly approached I laughed because this is the second or third time I have done that. I completely took out one of our bushes and generally looked like an idiot but no harm no foul.


Blogger Melted Plastic said...

happy birthday to you.
very nice.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous JW said...

Gotta be cool and get the special shoes... I love the fact you fell over.
I'm remember single track... sigh.

11:17 PM  

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