Monday, August 06, 2007

Survived the maiden voyage on my new bike

Went for a quick ride on Saturday, ended up going quite a bit farther than I intended which is exactly the way a good ride should go.

About 10 miles on the road and then about 45 minutes in the woods, I have no idea how far I went but it was pretty challenging and I still can't figure out the SPD pedals, but I am determined to teach an old dog a new trick.

It turns out that 25 years of pulling your foot off a pedal in order to put it down on the ground is a difficult thing to unlearn, it's like a muscle memory test with the added degree of difficulty and the panic of realizing that you are about to fall into a pile of craggy rocks and thorns.

I even managed to fall over in my front yard...the beauty of it is that I don't even think to put my hands down, I just slam full speed on my side into the grass while still clutching the handlebars and laughing at myself.
I need a new helmet.


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