Thursday, February 21, 2008

“pulling the handle of a slot machine might have been good exercise, but it was bad economics."

Casinos are a tax increase on those that are least able to afford it.
In Jefferson City we will soon be deciding to vote on whether or not to allow the construction of a “river boat” casino in the capital city.
Recently Warren Buffett addressed the reasons why he opposes the entrance of casinos to Nebraska--I think the same reasons fit for JC.
"You're teaching your citizenry all the time by the actions you take as legislators and as administrators of a state like this. Essentially to teach you that the state is on the other side of the transaction from you--they're trying to get you to do something dumb--I just think the state ought to be doing things for its citizens, not do something to its citizens."
The citizens of Jefferson City will be the losers if we allow a casino.

Go vote: CasiNO!


Anonymous Craig B. said...

I couldn't agree with you more DJ.

This casino pattern has to stop! It's already bad enough to have the lottery stealing from those who know no better, but now lets just put up another theiving avenue for those who can't tell themselves to stop wasting the money they don't have all for a dream that will never come to reality.

The odds are not in the favor of those who participate at the boat... and the odds are not in the favor of the state passing a tax on the poor...

hmmm I sense a delima and I know how this will play out. Especially since there isn't a lot of opposing hype about this issue yet... I hope that changes soon.

VOTE NO on the JC Casino!

11:51 AM  

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