Thursday, July 21, 2005

medium pulp

Taking a break from finding Nicole's real killer, OJ Simpson spent the weekend playing golf with the Congressional Black Caucus and their spouses.

Democracy in action...

Simpson was mobbed by young staffers at the Sunday night gala at Dream nightclub, where gawkers were secretly debating whether he should be there at all. “I’m kind of embarrassed that I shook his hand,” said one aide to a black Member. Questioning herself, she added, “But he was acquitted.” Who the heck invited O. J. Simpson? No one wants to admit to it, apparently: "Vivian Bishop, wife of Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.), organized the event as chairwoman of the CBC Spouses Organization. But she said neither she nor her group invited Simpson to participate and that other NFL players did so."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.J. must have thought that Condit would be there, and thought that he was the real killer...

Just laugh. It's not funny, but I almost tried...


11:51 PM  

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