Monday, December 11, 2006

My evolutionary advantage.

I am capable of digesting milk, as an adult. I didn't realize it was a special ability, but apparently it is as some researchers are reporting that the ability to process lactose as adults is a genetically advantageous trait that is a fairly recent mutation. Me and other milk drinkers procreate and survive better over the long haul than those who can't drink milk--has something to do with common ancestors that first domesticated cattle---eating their meat (the cows') and drinking their milk and surviving droughts better.
Think about that with your next bowl of cereal---you have mutated into a super-procreating milk consuming glutton.


Anonymous Todd said...

Cows milk contains a growth hormone that's supposed to make little calves grow into big cows. I don't think we're supposed to be drinking that, really. Maybe that's why America is so fat. (Not you, of course.)

11:01 PM  

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