Monday, January 29, 2007

Money is the root of all that stuff

I love gadgets and gizmos and electronics.

I’m the guy that researches a lot about what I would like and then never pulls the trigger.

The temporary satisfaction I get from the new “thing” doesn’t outweigh the overwhelming sense that I wasted a bunch of $$ getting it, so I love from a distance—and besides, everyone says that accumulating stuff is not what life is about, so I don’t bother accumulating it---so far it hasn’t killed me. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have more stuff than I need and I cannot be held up as the standard of self restraint, but for the most part I don’t buy stuff…most of my income disappears by the end of the month so that doesn’t leave much left to buy stuff anyway.

Actually that’s a recurring theme for me, I have a long list of material things that I would like---from big ticket items like a boat (not a yacht, just something to ski or wakeboard behind) or ATV or a Jeep or a new mountain bike, to the smaller things like a nice watch, or a new cell phone, or new shoes, or ____ fill in the blank. It’s all stuff that I don’t need, my 10 year old Nissan gets me to work, my 13 year old mountain bike works just fine, and I don’t ride that often anyway, my cell phone works (and I don’t really need a cell phone) I have shoes and nobody looks at my feet anyway as I am confined to a cubicle—I could wear pink loafers. A boat is just silly; I might as well just pull out a few thousand dollars and light it on fire. My dad (and father in law) has an ATV--- if I need one I can borrow one of theirs. I don’t need a watch; my cell phone has a clock on it.

Money is not the root of all evil; it’s the love of money that’s the root of all evil. I bet there’s an exemption for material things though; but I haven’t checked that part of the Bible very carefully.

What are the material things you can’t live without? Survival stuff not included, obviously we all need clothes, but what are the little luxuries that you look forward to?


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