Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another bad beat

So I was extremely short stacked, with maybe four hundred in chips (compared to everyone else sitting on 1500 plus,) and I was on tilt....

I catch a Q7 and the flop is K-Q-8....I raise and chase everyone out except for two players...another King on the turn, and I have two very high pair. I go all in, hoping to chase everyone out. I get one caller and the river comes a fifth heart for him.


I lose.

Another lesson brought to you by djobe....(you can make your 10 dollar check payable to "help the hold'em village idiot" fund)..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I play suited cards. I love catching a good card on the turn or river. If I don't get a good flop, though, I'll generally fold the hand, unless I catch a pair or two on the board.


11:20 PM  

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