Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"be true to yourself"

I have always hated that phrase, it means nothing, it exalts individualism to a higher plateau than is necessary, and it implies that (in my mind) one pursues their own selfish desires over their responsibilities regardless of consequences. (as an aside, I was raised by a pack of wild puritanical wolves...a modern day Romulus, only instead of being nursed by my she-wolf surrogate mother I was thrown into a pack of baptist sunday schools and church choirs)

Having said that, I will follow with this---if "being true to yourself" means doing what someone asks of you even though it goes against what you believe is right or just or in your best interest, then I guess I can understand the phrase although I still believe that in some situations, you do what is asked of you, because that is the adult-responsible-bill paying-career building-CYA-thing to do, even when you disagree.

I know this post is cryptic but I have had a lot going on and I can't be too specific...regardless, it's done and buried.


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